Who Are We - Deciding to Make a Difference
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Kelly Wright

Founder, Deciding to Make a Difference
Director, Toni&Guy Bondi Beach (2002)
Mother of two – Lily and Freddy

Kelly spent 3 days in Jilkminggan community as a result of the clothing drive and Op Shop opening and witnessed the living conditions of the Jilkminggan community.

It’s life changing. The people of the community are amazing. I’m still at a loss as to why, 1.5 hours from Katherine, people are living in 3rd world conditions. Their children will have the same opportunities as my babies. I’ve made the decision to make a difference in their lives.”


Jilkminggan Community Aboriginal Corporation (JCAC) reopened as a corporation in April 2010 for the purpose of future leasing on community living areas (CLA) with Federal Government. Initiatives include the Youth Program, Health and Healing Place and Deciding to Make a Difference.

Nev Hyman

Founder of Nev House

A philanthrocapitalist organization that ensures the needs of individuals and communities are met. Nevhouse secures local acceptance and participation for any structure or community that is built – at every stage of development. This approach ensures that those who live in the community have a sense of pride and ownership. Local contractors are used wherever possible in order to give jobs, training and income to the people who live in the community.

Jilkminggan & Community Elders

300 Traditional language Aboriginal people living in poverty but enjoying the simple pleasures in life like fishing, hunting, and traditional bush tucker. Their children like all Aussie children love to bike ride and learn with regular cultural bush trips.